Asset Valuation - Broadcast & Post Production Industries

Valuation of equipment and infrastructure associated with television broadcast & post production services and facilities industries.

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Pre-Purchase Valuations

Assessment of value of equipment for financing, refinancing or potential resale purposes etc.

If you are considering investing in or financing a major purchase, you'll be anxious to know whether the equipment is worth the money being asked for it.

You will be asking questions like:

Hugh Waters offers you peace of mind with an objective, unbiased and technically sound assessment of the value of proposed technical purchases.

You can further assess your exposure with an informed commentary on the choice of equipment and anticipated pitfalls in cost of ownership, written for intelligent, non-technical people.

"Assessing the value of assets in this industry is highly specialised... you must have deep knowledge of the industry's technology... Fortunately I do!"
Hugh Waters - Waters Technical Services.

Post-Purchase Valuations

Assessment of value of equipment for refinancing, due diligence, asset disposal purposes etc.

If you are considering purchasing, liquidating or re-financing a business you will need to ask:

If you are faced with lists of technical equipment of uncertain value, you can remove the mystery. Hugh will prepare a detailed asset report for you, based on current market values and provide an easy to read and understand commentary and summary.

"...close contacts with the major equipment vendors and resellers..."

Industry Technology Specialist

Hugh Waters, Managing Director of Waters Technical Services, has an intimate, first hand knowledge of the broadcast and post production facilites industries from both technical and business standpoints.

Hugh has worked in the senior technical & business managment of broadcast & post production since 1982 and has amassed a profound knowledge of the systems, infrastructure and core equipment used in the broadcast and post production facility sectors.

During his roles as Chief Engineer, Technical Director and Managing Director, Hugh has been involved in specifying, buying and selling every type of specialised broadcast equipment, from transmission antennae to video tape and all systems in between.

Through his consulting work, Hugh remains up to date with current technologies and attends the major technical trade exhibitions and seminars regularly and retains close contacts with the major equipment vendors and resellers, as well as technical and managment staff in a wide range of broadcast and post production businesses in the UK.

You can rest assured that Hugh Waters will follow your brief to provide an accurate estimate of the value of new and used specialised media equipment.